Uncanny Project Delivery Process

Our delivery process consists of 9 major steps, and completion of each step is subject to the review and approval by our clients.




Project Initiation

Projects are usually initiated by the client with Request for Proposal (RFP). We submit proposals containing project scopes, cost estimates, deliverable deadlines, terms and conditions etc.

Project Scoping

Project scoping starts when client agrees with the terms and conditions, and gives us the green signal to kick start the project. We prepare the detailed document containing functional, non-functional, and technical requirements of the project. We set up the entire project in our project management tool, allowing our team development team to store all files and conversation threads related to the project there. We add the project milestones and task trackers in the tool so that our clients can track application development progress at any time.


We develop a skeletal framework and translate the project scope into a user interface architecture. The purpose of this is to arrange layouts, interface elements, and navigational systems to help depict how well they work together.

Technical Designing

Once the wireframe is approved by the client, we start styling the application or website. It helps us in creating the various components that will end up as each screen of the app, and also to determine key aesthetics like typography and colouring. UI/UX designs of the app or website are done by the end of this step. It usually involves preparing various mock-ups and sketches for client’s review and approval.

Graphics Designing

The technical design leads us to the graphical designs where we develop all the required graphics from scratch, ensuring that the graphics of client’s app or website stand out and are creative enough to catch the attention of their users, customers and visitors.


On your design approval, our developers start writing magical code following our own coding conventions and client’s specific code requirements. We keep our coding as simple as possible to ensure the scalability and quality performance of the app or website.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

After the completion of the coding process within the promised time, the next step is client approval of the finished product. This involves either directly sharing the .apk file with the client, or uploading it on third party testing websites like TestFlight, whichever is best suitable and feasible for the client.

Product Launch

The moment when our client gives us a green signal to publish their application on the app stores for public viewing and usage is one of happiness, pride and eventual peace for any developer. After launching the app, we provide the client with 30-day period of free support, ending with the transfer of ownership of the source code to them with minor additional charges applied.

Product Training

In case of complexities in the project, we also provide training to the users of the application at client end so that they can deploy the minor changes in the project on their own.

Product Support

We believe in our work and happily sign the Annual Maintenance Contract AMC with out clients, ensuring that we are always there to help them in all of their future development needs.

100% Client Satisfaction + 90% Repeated Customers

Our process for delivery of work is based on the model of Agile Scrum. We have successfully leveraged this over a period of the last 2 years to deliver work on fixed costs, and Time and Material (T&M) basis for wide ranging nature of offshore projects.